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Quest Entwicklung mit Unity

Dieses Thema im Forum "VR-Entwicklung mit Unity" wurde erstellt von SolKutTeR, 8. Juni 2019.

  1. Interessantes How-to zur Entwicklung mit Unity, für die Oculus Quest Umgebung von Skarredghost.

    How to get started with Oculus Quest development in Unity
    As soon as my Oculus Quest arrived, I immediately started playing with it and have fun with Beat Saber, Robo Recall, Creed and all the other titles. But then, as a developer, I felt the urge to understand how to develop my applications in Unity for the Oculus Quest. And I guess that if you are a developer like me, you had my some thought. That’s why I decided to create this little tutorial: to help all the Unity developers that want to get started in developing for the latest Oculus standalone device in understanding what are the first steps to follow. Weiterlesen →

    Hier das ganze in Videoform:
    AbUnKo gefällt das.