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  1. Unturned kriegt Vive Support.


    Roomscale VR Support:

    Right after putting out the update last week there was a ring at the doorbell, and suprise it was a Vive devkit from Valve/HTC! I spent a couple days this week getting started with support in the Unturned editor for this roomscale virtual reality, and I think it's shaping up to be a lot of fun.

    Right now I've got the movement and object systems mostly integrated, so you can be anywhere between person size exploring a building or a giant stomping around the whole map. Alongside the normal editor object features like dragging transform/rotate handles/lasers you can also pick things up to move them around, and even throw them! I must admit I spent quite a while just throwing Stratford around the level watching it explode.

    Next week I'm going to prioritize working on these VR features because I think I can get all the tools working nicely in that time, and considering they sent over a devkit I want to make sure it's prepared before the full Vive launch. Once it's ready I'll also try and get a video together to show you what it's like!

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