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  1. Folgende Rubriken des Deep Dive Programms seitens Valve, waren ja bereits bekannt:

    Field of View (FOV)
    When we set out to create the Index HMD, one of our primary goals was to improve the overall fidelity of the VR experience, including visuals, audio, ergonomics, tracking quality, and more. Weiterlesen →

    Extensibility and Mod-ability
    We've released CAD for components of all three primary products in the Valve Index VR system under a Creative Commons license. The files are hosted on a GitHub repository. This includes CAD files we believe will be useful for makers and modders of all types, including important info on the "Frunk". Weiterlesen →

    Wer sich die Frage gestellt hat, wieso Valve bei der Index auf gerade dieses Kopfhörerdesign setzte, erhält vielleicht mit dem neuen Blogbeitrag des Deep Dive Programm, gewisse Einsichten in die Entwicklung. ;)
    • Both Hardware and Software
    • Why not headphones?
    • Why not loudspeakers?
    • The Idea
    • The Evolution
    • The Product
    • The Microphone
    • Final Thoughts
    Ear Speakers - Research, Design, and Evolution
    The Valve Index Ear Speakers have been optimized for the specific experiential goals of virtual reality, which caused their design to diverge in interesting ways from that of typical consumer headphones. Weiterlesen →

    Als nächstes wird es um Optics and Clarity gehen.
    nullptr gefällt das.
  2. Denke hier passt dieser recht interessante Artikel von Develop 3D am besten. :notworthy:
    (Auch wenn das Konzept und Design z.B. auch in der HP Reverb G Serie eingesetzt wird.)

    Tectonic Audio and Valve team up for VR sound
    Tectonic Audio Labs created a balanced mode radiator speaker using electromagnetics, mechanical and acoustics simulation. It was implemented into a VR headset for Valve and is now regarded as the gold standard for VR audio. Virtual reality (VR) is meant to immerse the user in the virtual world as much as possible, by making the environment feel as real as can be. Other entertainment fields, like literature and film, face the same challenge of suspension of disbelief, but there’s something exclusive to VR: audio immersion.

    Behandelte Themen:
    • Audio immersion in the Valve Index headset
    • What is BMR speaker technology?
    • Tectonic Audio – Creating the gold standard
    • The ‘king’ of VR headsets
    Weiterlesen →

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