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  2. Ist cool, habs gestern getestet und sehr gelungen, leider viel zu kurz !
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  3. hier wurde ja lange nix geupdatet^^

    Link zum Spring Newsletter

    und mal ein paar rauskopierte Highlights..

    A new version of Darkfield will be available to all backers End of March / Beginning of April. This will not be the final version, but the next alpha release. It would have been great to release the final version of Darkfield for the consumer hardware launch, but we just couldn't finish in time (more on that in the last part of the newsletter).

    This new version is a complete rework of Darkfield.

    When we first launched Darkfield, the Rift was the only game in town, but we understand that people have now a choice and might not be getting a Rift anymore. We are happy to announce that Darkfield will support the Rift and Vive (and a 3rd platform we are not quite ready to announce right now, keep an eye out during the GDC announcements for our name ;) ).

    We have all the devkits here, and are literally fighting time to have versions for all of them ready.
    We will release the Rift build first, and then quickly port over to the Vive.

    When we redesigned Darkfield, we made sure to be as independent from the device as possible, which makes porting a lot easier. Also, by using our own networking solution and not falling back onto the matchmaking services provided by any VR platform, we will support crossplay between Rift and Vive (and maybe the 3rd, unannounced platform).

    No matter which VR headset you will get, you will be able to play with your friends :).
  4. hmm..ob das Projekt tot ist? da kam ja lange nix mehr, und die Devs arbeiten ja schon an anderen Projekten..
  5. Also wird das jetzt nix mehr? Irgendwie werde ich da jetzt nicht schlau draus, das jetzt sowas kommt statt mal nen Update..

    Hey everyone,

    It'll be a while before Darkfield will be released as we had to shift focus mainly to b2b work and other smaller projects to pay the bills and keep the doors open. TL;DR: Funding a studio is hard.

    Even though our current financial situation isn't brilliant, we would still like to offer you a refund. We thank you so much for your support and because development has taken such a long time already, we feel that this is the right thing to do.

    If you would like to refund Darkfield and you have supported us on Kickstarter, please make sure your current credit card/bank details are correct. Afterwards, send us a message on Kickstarter that you would like a refund.

    If you would like to refund Darkfield and you have supported us by buying the game on our website, please fill out this form:

    Our payment provider uses PayPal as its backend, but PayPal only allows refunds within 6 months of purchase. We will therefore manually transfer the purchase value to your PayPal account.
    In case you have used a credit card on PayPal checkout without creating a PayPal account, please create an account for the refund. We are unable to directly charge back credit cards.

    We will start processing the refunds in April, this will give you enough time to update your bank/account details if necessary.

    We are deeply sorry for the delay and we thank you so much for your support. We couldn't have been in this great VR community without it.

    -- Mark & Daniel

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